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Cash Registers

Choosing Your POS System

Entry Level Cash Registers

4 or 8 Department Buttons

Cash Charge and Credit Tender Buttons

Daily Reports

Suitable for Low Usage situations

Slow Printing

Limited Programming

Limited Price Look Ups (PLUs)

Computer Point of Sale Systems


Mid Range Cash Registers

Up to 20 Department

Over 1000 PLUs,

May have Barcode Scanning (Specific Scanner}

May have EFTPOS Interface available

Daily and Period to Date  Reports

Fast Thermal Printer

Drop In Paper Loading

Flexible  Programming

Electronic Journal

PC Programmable

System Cash Registers

Over 99 Departments

Over 10000 PLUs

Barcode Scanning (Specific Scanner)

Fully Programmable keyboard

Drop Down Menus

May have Additional interfaces for a

Specific Scale and Specific EFTPOS terminal

Optional Printers including Kitchen Printing

Daily and Period to Date  Reports

PC Software available for Stock Control

and Programming

May have free Imported PC Software

May have Expensive task manager type software available for Stock Control

Limited Functionality


Entry Level POS Software

Suitable for

General Retail, Gift Shops, Apparel

Fruit & Vege, Dairies, Takeaways


Fast and Easy to Operate

Unlimited PLUs

Unlimited Departments

Unlimited Clerks or Operators

Unlimited POS Screen Configurations

Fully Flexible POS Screen

Can operate on PC Touch Screen

Can operate on Standard PC (See Minimum Specs)

Barcode Scanning any USB Scanner

All Barcode Formats

Scale Interface - Most interfaced Scales

EFTPOS Interface - Almost Any NZ terminal

Including PC EFTPOS and DPS Payment Express

Barcode Label Printing

Customer Accounts

Email Statements and Invoices direct from POS

Customer Loyalty System

Customer Sales Tracking

Customer Incentives

Customer Promotions

Buy 5 get 1 free type Promotions


Deal Promotions

Scheduled Promotions and Discounts


Gift Vouchers with Tracking and Expiry Dates

Credit Notes with tracking

Full Stock Control with easy Stocktaking

Purchase Orders

Comprehensive Sales Reports and Sales History

Full Range of Employee Logs and reports

Comprehensive Journal with Complete Sale History

Ideal POS PACK1-EFT Software License

Back Office and POS on a Single Computer

$1600.00 + GST ( Computer not included )

Hospitality POS Software

Suitable for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Diners

All Features above with

Restaurant Graphic Table Tracking

Bill Splitting

Restaurant Reports

Single terminal PACK1-RST-EFT Software License

$2050 + GST ( Computer not included )


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