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Point Of Sale - For Your Peace of Mind

Down to Earth Solutions - Not in the Clouds

Keep your data Close, Secure and Always Available

Forget about Quest Ideal is the Best

Ideal POS has a solution for your Business.

Fast at the Counter - Powerful in the Back Office

Years of POS Expertise and Experience come together to give you the Operation and Reports you need to efficiently operate your Business, Talk to us and replace those old POS2000 and Infinity systems now

Serialised Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes

Fully Managed Gift Voucher and Credit Note Tracking

Gift Vouchers can be a major part of your Sales

IdealPOS makes Gift Voucher management a dream

Always know your liabilty and whose vouchers are about to expire

Loyalty Points and Customer Loyalty

Customer Database is fully Included with Ideal POS

Easy to manage Loyalty points and Customer accounts

Choose how you want to manage this system

Accumulate Points and send out Vouchers or Print customer Points Balance on their Receipt - You Choose from many options

Specialised Hospitality Functions

Graphic Table Map

Easy Customer Bill Splitting

Replace that Out Dated Quest system and get all the Latest features from IdealPOS

Reservations Module

Manage Bookings easily with the Optional Reservations Module

Linking Reservations to your Graphic Table Map saves time when guests arrive.

Ideal POS is designed to operate either on a Touch Screen or on a Standard PC with a standard Keyboard.

Smart screen Programming means fast operation and less time looking for buttons

Barcode Printing and Scanning

Scan Barcodes to sell Products

Print your own Labels with Barcodes Price and Description

Scan existing Barcodes or Print your own Labels

Cut out Pricing errors

Easily get Control of your Sales and Stock Control