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Sharp Cash Register Errors

PAP EMPTY - Out of Paper

FIX - Replace paper and press the Clear Key to clear error

HEAD UP - Normally after paper has run out or been replaced

FIX - Make sure paper is inserted correctly, Close Printhead and then Press the clear key

LO BAT or NO BAT -  Memory Backup Battery low or Flat   ***** DO NOT Turn the Power Off *******

FIX - While the power is still connected, Remove the 3 AA Batteries and replace with correct type

- The BAT error will go off the Screen when the batteries are installed correctly

NOT ASSIGNED -  ( Clerk ) Not assigned - No clerk is signed onto the machine

FIX - Enter a Clerk Code ( Normally 1 to 10 ) and press the Clerk # or Clerk ID key

INH. OPEN PR.  - You tried to enter a Price into a fixed Price Department or Fixed Price PLU

FIX - Change the Type to DEPT or change the status to OPEN using the Programming Manual

INH. UNIT PR. - You tried to override a fixed price on a PLU or Department

FIX - Change the  TYPE to a PLU  or change status to Fixed Price using programming M anual

ENTRY ERROR - Wrong key sequence or keystrock error

FIX - Press Clear to Clar the error and make correct key entry

MEMORY FULL- Journal Memory full

FIX - Perform Journal Print in Z1 Mode ( model 203, 213) Enter 700 . X TL/NS

Consider Printing Journal with Z1 Report (set JobCode  68 Bit 4 to 1) or Change JobCode 68 Bit 8 to 0 to ignore error

Program Reset - Varies by Machine Model